Melbourne Height Safety Solutions & Edge Protection

Rapid Height Safety offers Melbourne a new approach to height safety solutions and edge protection for working at heights, including rope access systems. We offer solutions for concrete, steel and structural timber, for existing and new buildings, that are adaptable to your needs. Rapid Height Safety supplies the most efficient height safety equipment and roof access edge protection system on the market, with wider fixing centres at 2.7m, with fewer components, significantly reducing the time it takes for us to install.

Our Australian company provides our customers with the best fall protection systems, thanks to our staff who have undergone rigorous training. This ensures that we offer cost-effective height safety system solutions, including rope access systems, and we install and maintain these systems for our customers in Australia. Our Rapid Height Safety system is the safest solution for ensuring that protecting workers and maintaining workplace safety are prioritised when working at heights.

Edge Protection, Height Safety and Fall Protection Products and Services

Rapid Height Safety, are committed to providing you with safety at your workplace. Our goal is to provide a wide range of high-quality safety products that will suit any of your project requirements, no matter how small or big they are. We create efficient edge protection gear that can foot mount with metal fascia systems and in confined spaces.

Our company understands that creating efficient solutions, maintaining roof safety and fall prevention is not black and white, hence why we make sure to listen to the needs of all of our clients to find the right safety solution.

We have an extensive range of safety options and also have the ability to create customised solutions that will match all your height safety and fall protection requirements. Even temporary edge protection systems can create efficient protection because no matter what roof line, roof access or roof surface you’re on, you need the safest height safety solution available.

Rapid Post Edge Protection Systems
Rapid Post Edge Protection Systems

Our rapid post systems are available in single, double and triple height protection and require no drilling which means no need to penetrate concrete, making installation much easier. Enquire today.

Standard Support Edge Protection Systems
Standard Support Edge Protection Systems

Our standard support systems are the most flexible in our range of edge protection solutions. They are ideal for signle height protection such as along parapets, curbs, I-beams and slab edges.

Dual Purpose Edge Protection Systems
Dual Purpose Edge Protection Systems

Our drill and fix purpose systems are ideal for mounting onto concrete or timber structures, particularly open slab edges. They are available as single and double height barriers.

Edge Protection
Edge Protection

Our state of the art edge protection systems are designed to meet any unique requirements for all job sites. Our reliable edge protection systems are reliable and made locally. Click here for Edge Protection.

Why Rapid Height Safety Engineers tick all the boxes?

Super Safe

The revolutionary design of Rapid Height Safety fall protection system allows full-height screens to be installed for total enclosure. With no gaps, our roof safety obligations offer a higher level of fall prevention systems for everyone on site.

Our control measure and risk assessment of all roof access have been preventing falls and debris falling for years. We do not condone the use of our products or services for any non-compliant working practice.

Multi Height

With a variety of height safety systems, fall prevention and edge protection safety systems available including single, double or triple height installation options, Rapid Height Safety has your site covered. Our rigorously designed edge protection systems can have the soffit height located to your liking.

Saves Time and Labour

Rapid Height Safety fall protection products can be erected in half the time of other height safety products. One person can install the height safety equipment safely on their own.

All in One

Our Rapid Height Safety panel design includes mesh, handrail and kick board all in one. Panels with work-through openings are also available with our edge protection solutions. Whether you need temporary roof access or metal fascia systems, you can rest assured that all our systems provide the best edge protections systems.

We have panels with two different foot mounts and many effective alternative systems which have been rigorously designed with care. The other systems we can offer include installing flat soffits supports in a confined space.

Quick & Easy

We have all your site edge protection and roof safety systems covered.

  • Slab edges
  • Stairs
  • Voids
  • Balconies
  • Open slabs
  • Curbs
  • Parapets
  • Facades

With an extensive range of worksite safety options, we have the ability to customise the perfect solution. Rapid Height Safety systems offer full installation if it is required. All products are able to be hired and delivered directly to the project site. Additionally, full training for utilising our systems is provided with access to 24/7 customer support.

Whether you need roof edge protection, roof cladding, roof access, additional toe boards, bottom rail installation or wall framing, rest assure that we can have your guardrail located where it safely needs to be. Our user friendly system is beyond any engineering compliant, with two different foot mounts being installed on the bottom rails to prevent falls.

Our installation processes and system fall in line with the work health system and Australian standards of Safe Work Australia Section NZS 4994.1.

Our new proprietary solution has passed rigorous testing and a number of workplace health and safety scenarios related to construction practices. It is now edge protection compliant for any roof access, built for all roof construction sites. All roof access require edge protection for a comprehensive range of different scenarios, like solar energy installation, building safe access ports or cleaning gutters.