Melbourne Edge Protection and Height Safety

Rapid Height Safety offers Melbourne a new approach to working at height safety and edge protection. We can offer solutions for concrete, steel and structural timber that are adaptable to your needs. Rapid Height Safety supplies the most efficient height safety equipment and edge protection system on the market, with wider fixing centres at 2.7m, leading to fewer components and vastly reducing installation time.

Rapid Post System
Rapid Post System

With single, double and triple height protection available, we have your edge covered. No tools or drilling required means no penetration to the concrete. The Rapid Post System is suitable for soifet (ceiling) and slab installation.

Standard Support System
Standard Support System

The Standard Support System is the most flexible system in the range. If you need single height edge protection along parapets, curbs, I-Beams and slab edges the Standard Support System has a solution for you.

Dual Purpose System
Dual Purpose System

Do you have a concrete or timber structure? A drill and fix system, the Dual Purpose System can be mounted on concrete or timber directly with single and double height barriers available. Suitable for open slab edges.

Why Rapid Height Safety ticks all the boxes?
Super Safe

The revolutionary design of Rapid Height Safety fall protection system allows full-height screens to be installed for total enclosure. With no gaps, Rapid Height Safety Edge Protection offers a higher level of fall prevention systems for everyone on site.

Multi Height

With a variety of fall prevention and edge protection safety systems available including single, double or triple height installation options, Rapid Height Safety has your site edge protection covered.

Saves time and labour

Rapid Height Safety fall prevention products can be erected in half the time of other height safety products. One person can install the height safety equipment safely on their own.

All in one

Our Rapid Height Safety panel design includes mesh, handrail and kickboard all in one. Panels with work through openings are also available with our edge protection solutions.

Quick & Easy

Rapid Height Safety working at heights safety systems are quick and easy to install. All Rapid Height Safety systems can be hired and fully installed by our trained, qualified height work safety staff with a handover certificate supplied with every job.

We have all your site edge protection and height safety systems covered.

  • Slab edges
  • Stairs
  • Voids
  • Balconies
  • Facades
  • Open slabs
  • Curbs
  • Ibeams
  • Parapets
  • And much more