Edge Protection

If you’re after a reliable Temporary edge protection supplier in Melbourne, look no further than Rapid Height Safety. We supply, install and maintain a wide range of state-of-the-art systems to suit concrete, steel and structural timber edges in new and existing buildings. Our system solutions are fully customisable to meet the unique requirements of your site.

Edge Protection Melbourne

Why Use Roof Protection with Rapid Height Safety?

Australian-owned and operated, Rapid Height Safety provides high-quality protection systems with wider fixing centres at 2.7m and fewer components that are quick and easy to install, so your team can get started sooner and stay safe on site.

Our high-quality cost-effective solutions offer effective and efficient height safety and fall protection no matter what roofline, roof edge or roof surface you’re working on.

We understand that the requirements vary from site to site and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why our flexible systems are available in multiple height variations including single, double or triple height installation options. Our full-height screens offer total enclosure with no gaps for a higher level of fall prevention.

Need edge protection that can foot mount with metal fascia systems? We’ve got you covered. Plus, our systems can easily fit into confined spaces.

Rapid Post Edge Protection Systems
Rapid Post Edge Protection Systems

Our rapid post systems are available in single, double and triple height protection and require no drilling which means no need to penetrate concrete, making installation much easier. Enquire today.

Standard Support Edge Protection Systems
Standard Support Edge Protection Systems

Our standard support systems are the most flexible in our range of edge protection solutions. They are ideal for signle height protection such as along parapets, curbs, I-beams and slab edges.

Dual Purpose Edge Protection Systems
Dual Purpose Edge Protection Systems

Our drill and fix purpose systems are ideal for mounting onto concrete or timber structures, particularly open slab edges. They are available as single and double height barriers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Edge Protection System?

Temporary Edge protection is purpose-built scaffolding designed to prevent personnel from falling over the edge of a building or worksite. Edge protection systems typically consist of guardrails, handrails and, in some cases, fencing that prevent injury and/or death when working at heights.

Is Edge Protection Necessary?

Australian occupational safety and health (OSH) regulations require the use of Roof systems at all sites where personnel or contractors are at risk of falling two metres or more from a flat edge (e.g., scaffolds, stairs, landings). If working on roofs, roof trusses, or ladders, edge protection system must be installed when the potential fall is three metres or greater. Failure to comply with these requirements results in hefty fines.

What is Edge Protection in Scaffolding?

It consists of guardrails, handrails and scaffolding which are erected to form a barrier designed to prevent workers and materials from falling over the edge when work is carried out at heights. It is commonly used on construction sites, and during repairs and maintenance to roofs, roof trusses, solar power systems, and aerial installations. Edge protection systems come in a variety of mounting types and heights designed to suit the unique requirements of each job site such as different roof lines, roof edges and roof surfaces.

Why is Edge Protection Important?

Working at height carries serious risks including injury and death – both to workers and those on lower levels. Edge protection systems provide the sturdy barriers required to prevent people and materials from falling over the edge of the work site. As such, they are vital safety installations at all job sites where there is a risk of falling two metres or more.

Rapid Height Safety working at heights safety systems are quick and easy to install. All Rapid Height Safety systems can be hired and fully installed by our trained, qualified height work safety staff with a handover certificate supplied with every job.

Hire Edge Protection

Looking for temporary edge protection for hire in Melbourne? We’ve got the efficient and effective solution to suit your requirements. Our state-of-the-art systems are suitable for use on slab edges, stairs, open slabs, curbs, voids, balconies, parapets, facades and more. Talk to our friendly team today about custom-built edge protection systems designed with your jobsite in mind. 

Customised Materials & Systems

When you choose Rapid Height Safety as your provider, we’ll deliver your tailor-made solution directly to your site. Our team of trained installers will have the system set up in half the time it takes to install other height safety products, so you can get to work faster. 

Training & Customer Support

We’ll also provide training on how best to work with our edge protection systems to ensure your team is perfectly safe. Plus, when you hire your edge protection system from Rapid Height Safety, you’ll benefit from our exceptional 24/7 customer support line.


All our protection structures exceed engineering compliance requirements with added safety features including two different foot mounts on the bottom rails. Plus, our systems and our installation processes meet the standards of the Safe Work Australia Section NZS 4994.1.

Roof Systems

Roofs require edge protection for a comprehensive range of different scenarios, such as solar energy installation, building safe access ports, and cleaning gutters. We provide turnkey solutions including roof protection, roof cladding, toe boards, wall frames and more. In short, we’ll take care of all your needs and guardrail requirements. 

Built to work on all roof construction sites, our new proprietary system has passed rigorous testing in a number of safety scenarios related to construction practices and is compliant for any roof structure.

Why Choose Rapid Height Safety?

Highest Safety Standards

Our Temporary edge protection systems are manufactured to the highest safety standards and installed by our professional and trained edge protection installation specialists. So, you can rely on Rapid Height Safety to provide high-quality, reliable and safe systems to suit your needs

Customisable Solutions

No matter what surface and edge type you’re working on, we have the right solution for the job. Plus, our systems are available in single, double, or triple height options to ensure your team gets the best possible height safety and fall prevention system. Working in confined space? No problem, our systems easily fit into confined spaces, and we can custom-build a solution to suit any project site.

Quick & Easy Installation

Designed for quick and easy installation, with fewer components and 2.7 m between fixing centres, our state-of-the-art edge protection systems can be installed in half the time it takes to install other systems, and they can be installed by a single installer. This means you save time and labour and can get started on the job sooner.

Hire & Installation Available 

All systems available to hire from Rapid Height Safety can be fully installed by our trained, qualified height work safety staff and a handover certificate is supplied with every job.

Turnkey Solutions

You can rely on us to take care of every aspect of your edge protection solution from design, supply and installation through to maintenance and 24/7 customer support. Whatever you need, our team can accommodate it. Talk to us today about your requirements.