EPS Panel

Flexible where you need it

The Standard Support Post System is a flexible single height, drill and fix system for a variety of slab applications.

Where posts require a bolt-on installation, the Rapid Height Safety Standard Support Post System has a large range of edge protection solutions.

The Standard Support System features the Standard Support Post that can be used with a variety of attachments for projects where the slab application varies. The mounting components in the Standard Support Post System are:

  • Curb Grab (AU009)
  • Adjustable Parapet Bracket (AU009)
  • Slab Grab (AU008)
  • Slab Edge Bracket (AU002)

Our Edge Protection Panels come in a variety of sizes: full (2900mm), three quarter (1980mm), half (1400mm), and quarter (1075mm) panels.

The flexibility is endless; the Rapid Height Safety Support Post System can be used for (but not limited to):

  • Slab Edges
  • Balconies
  • Internal Voids
  • Stairwells

If you have a ceiling and slab you can also check out the Rapid Post System

At Rapid Height Safety we understand that every project is different, contact Rapid Height Safety now and we will customise the best solution for you.

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Rapid Post Edge Protection Systems
Rapid Post Edge Protection Systems

Our rapid post systems are available in single, double and triple height protection and require no drilling which means no need to penetrate concrete, making installation much easier. Enquire today.

Standard Support Edge Protection Systems
Standard Support Edge Protection Systems

Our standard support systems are the most flexible in our range of edge protection solutions. They are ideal for signle height protection such as along parapets, curbs, I-beams and slab edges.

Dual Purpose Edge Protection Systems
Dual Purpose Edge Protection Systems

Our drill and fix purpose systems are ideal for mounting onto concrete or timber structures, particularly open slab edges. They are available as single and double height barriers.

Edge Protection
Edge Protection

Our state of the art edge protection systems are designed to meet any unique requirements for all job sites. Our reliable edge protection systems are reliable and made locally. Click here for Edge Protection.